Fabric Colour Palette

The widest colour range on the market

“You can have any colour as long as it's black.”- Henry Ford.
Well, don’t worry about that at Kubicek Balloons. :)

You are welcome to choose from 28 basic colours of Kubicek Polyster fabric free of charge, gold and silver fabric with metallic surface are available for a small additional premium. In addition, because we produce our own fabric, we will match any colour in the Pantone palette and the time taken to do this, and the extra cost, are both much less than for any other balloon manufacturer.

Kubicek Polyester

Standard Colours

This set of colours is always in stock with no extra charge. If your balloon colours fit within this palatte then it will be manufactured in our regular manufacturing time.

  Colour Pantone no.
  white white
  light blue 292 C
  mid blue process blue
  royal blue 287 C
  dark blue 281 C
  navy blue 289 C
  dark grey 431 C
  grey 429 C
  turqoise 570 C
  water blue 321 C
  lilac 260 C
  pink 214 C
  claret 221 C
  red-brown 201 C
  red 1797 C
  orange 021 C
  ochre 1235 C
  yellow 116 C
  lemon yellow 012 C
  ivory 1205 C
  green Sun 375 C
  light green 361 C
  mid green 356 C
  dark green 343 C
  black process black
  brown 1545 C
  flesh 473 C

Superwhite Fabric

This fabric has the same base as standard white, but one additional layer of non-transparent coating is used. By this is looks much more shiny white even used on the dark background therefore is perfect for overlaid artwork, but can be used also for inlaid or even for parts of the envelope.

  Colour Pantone no.
  superwhite white

Golden and Silver Metallic Fabric

To achieve a shiny metallic glint of the fabric we add metallic microelements into the coating. This way the gold and silver colours shine brightly. What’s more, the propane consumption lowers, especially when the silver fabric is used. So if you are looking for lighter fuel consumption then we recommend that  the envelope’s top ⅓ be made of silver fabric.

  Colour Pantone no.
  gold  871 C
  silver  877 C

Special Colours

We will match any colour in the Pantone palette and the time taken to do this and the extra cost are both much less than for any other balloon manufacturer.

Kubicek Polyester Light

Fly light and save up to 40% of your envelope weight with our amazing Kubicek Polyester Light Fabric! Beside all the advantages of the light material you are also slightly limited in the colour range. Good thing is that the colours on both Kubicek Polyester and Kubicek Polyester Light are the same so you are able to combine both fabrics on one envelope without any design compromises.

  Colour Pantone no.
  red 1797 C
  orange 021 C
  yellow 116 C
  white white
  mid blue process blue
  dark blue 281 C
  light green 361 C
  mid green 356 C
  black process black

Coating Applications Hyperlast Fabric

Kubicek Balloons use the top level quality British made Coating Applications Hyperlast fabric for heavy duty envelopes. You could be aware if ordering the envelope made of Kubicek Polyester with the Hyperlast top as the english manufacturer uses his own colour palette, partly different from the Kubicek one.

  mid blue


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