Annual Balloon Inspection

Types and terms of inspections:

One type of inspection is known as the annual. However, two time options are actually given this name. One matches the name, meaning that the system has to be examined every year. The other time is measured as 100 flight hours. Whichever occurs first counts.

Why the inspections must be done?

When the annual inspection is not undertaken, a balloon is not eligible to fly or be tethered. The same goes for its parts. When e.g. a burner is past its time validity, the whole system is grounded.
Attention has to be paid to both the year-long term and the number of hours flown.

Who is eligible to conduct the inspections?

These examinations can only be made by an authority authorized by CAA.
Kubicek Balloons is an authorized examiner. We are happy to take care of your system as well as extend your Airworthiness certificate.

What must be brought to the inspection?

  • Documents
    Certificate of Airworthiness, ARC, Certificate of Registration, Form Ones, Fligh manual and Maintenance manual, balloon log-book, Insurance certificate.
  • Balloon

    Envelope, Basket, Burners, Fuel Cylinders, and scheduled equipment for which the inspection is neccessary according to its due dates. We recommend merging all the due dates of all balloon parts so that only one visit in a period is needed.

What do we check?

  • We will review all documentation belonging to the balloon. We will make sure all of your Manuals are up to date and check the serial numbers of all your parts. We will review your logged flights in the log book and check if all of your AD are noted.
  • We will examine the whole balloon system according to its Maintenance Manual. According to the condition of the system we will decide if a test-flight is required to examine flight performance and fuel consumption.
  • We will examine the fabric condition. If its strength is uncertain, a sample will be taken for testing.
  • The burner will be serviced according to the Maintenance Manual. Movable parts and valves will be cleaned, as well as the "whisper burner" and pilot flame burner. We will replace used and worn sealing o-rings.

What you can do to make the inspection quicker and smoother?

  • If you know of any damage to the balloon, please let us know in advance so that we can prepare any spare parts prior to your check in.
  • Check the dates on your fuel hoses (it is printed on the rubber at the ends of the hose); hose lifetime is now set to 10 years.
  • Check the due date of fuel cylinders (usually it is 10 years, though it also depends on the type; this can be found in the Maintenance Manual).
  • Bring your fuel cylinders emptied out. If the tanks are damaged, we will have to repair them; this is when the tank needs to be empty. Otherwise we will have to empty it ourselves.

What do you receive from us

  • We will note the inspection in your Balloon log book
  • We will create new Forms Ones for all the examined parts (except for the envelope).
  • Your ARC will be extended for another 12 months, with the due date as the last day in a certain month.

After the inspection, the balloon is ready to be picked up and ready to fly. All documents are valid for another 12 months, with the due date as the last day in a certain month.

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