Rough Terrain

Hot-air balloons can be operated in many different locations - on safari, in a desert, on the rocks, in countries such as Kenya, Turkey, or Egypt. What’s characteristic for these places is the frequency of flights (around 300 flights/year), distinctive UV light, inappropriate take-off and landing sites, strong winds, and finally, performances very narrowly within the flight manual’s limits. To keep the balloon within its operational limits, extra equipment is necessary.

To maintain operational liability and increase balloon’s lifetime, a hot-air balloon has to be equipped by several specialiazed accessories.

 Ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey

Envelope equipment

  • Hyperlast envelope 100%
  • Extended nomex - 1 more nomex panel above mouth
  • 2 rotation vents on opposite sides
  • and Rough Terrain Package, where's included:
    • Crossed mouth lines – extra crossed lines for better force distribution
    • Strenghten rings of operational lines
    • Extra pulley on FDS lines – for lowering forces on lines in dusty environment.
    • Special strenghten pulley made of stainless steel
    • Kevlar centering lines instead of polyester
    • Mouth of the envelope especially made out of deeply coloured nomex fabric – to protect colour-shine
    • ·Especially designed envelope transportation bag for rough terrain

Basket equipment

  • Vertical side skids
  • Straining beams on all short walls of the basket
  • Reinforced up-right sockets
  • Skids solidification
  • Cushion floor
  • Top soft-leather padding
  • Long sides padding
  • Heat-shiesd equipped burner frame

Recommended basket equipment

For higher comfort of the passengers and pilot, following equipment is recommended:

  • Multi-coloured inside handles
  • Quick release eyes
  • Extra steps for passengers
  • Extra line of outer handles
  • Burner shields brighten up for mirror effect
  • Wall-padding exclusive for long sides

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