Ignis Burner

Ignis burner

The Ignis burner has been in production since 2007 and is subject to constant innovation. We have already made a number of updates and we will continue to improve what is already an excellent burner. We have despatched more than 600 burners and there are many more in  production. As well as offering great performance the Ignis also looks good and is simple and easy to operate. 

Number of Units

Our Ignis burner comes as a double (2), triple (3), or quad (4). The number depends on the size of envelope.

  • 2 units for envelopes up to 6,000 m3 (210,000 cuft)
  • 3 units for envelopes up to 8,500 m3 (300,000 cuft)
  • 4 units for envelopes up to 17,000 m3 (600,000 cuft)

Ignis - 2

Ignis - 4

When a burner unit is assembled, it is then fitted into the correct frame for a particular size of basket. Either  ask us about the correct configuration of burners and baskets, or simply use our configurator.

We offer a range of burner options and accessories for our Ignis burners. The first decision is whether you opt for TEMA or REGO connections.

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