Other Accessories

Balloon Trailer

We offer a trailer designed for ballooning. Equipped with a large rear door that doubles as a slide for the basket, a folding roof  so that the basket can be tranported with its burner erected, Tough mudguards that you can stand on and a side door to access equipment at the front of the trailer. Interior lights and a spare wheel complete the package. This is a real balloonist’s trailer.

Quick Release

We can offer two types of balloon restraint. A standard 3-ring system for smaller balloons and a restraint with a Bonanno quick release that is suitable for all balloon sizes. Both these restraint systems come with karabiners.

Quick release Bonanno Y


T-manifold connects two tanks into one output.

Basket Cover

Basket covers are made from fabric that is rubber coated on both sides. The covers reach down to the lower step holes and  protect the basket, and its contents, from rain and dust.

Pilot Bag

Everything a pilot needs for his flight will be safe in one of our carefully designed flight bags. These bags come in different colors and is made from fabric.

Helium Cylinder

Our helium cylinders are approved and certified with a volume of 5.2 l. Cylinders may be supplied full and can be refilled.

Take Off Tarp

Dimensions 12 x 20 m (39.4 x 65.6 ft). 

Burner Bag

Useful for protecting your new Ignis burner in transit. Protects the burner from dust and and all the things that you carry in your basket and trailer.

Refuelling Hose

Length 2.4 m (7.9 ft).

BB Maintenance Aid

Case with two sets of tools for burner and envelope maintenance.


Used for grab testing the fabric in a balloon‘s envelope. Comes in a bag.

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