Our Staff & Contacts

Meet Our Team:

Kubicek staff

Would you like to discuss something with us and you are not sure with whom? Choose the right person from the list below and call us right away! If in doubt then call the sales team.

Sales Department

David KopáčDavid Kopáč
Phone: +420 545 422 626
Mobile: +420 603 807 055
e-mail: sales@kubicekballoons.cz

Mirek Borkovec
Miroslav Borkovec
Phone: +420 545 422 639
e-mail: borkovec@kubicekballoons.cz

Ivo BrzákIvo Brzák
Phone: +420 545 422 628
Mobile: +420 731 560 063
e-mail: brzak@kubicekballoons.cz

Milan Maxacrew_MMx
Phone: +420 545 422 632
Mobile: +420 733 205 838
e-mail: maxa@kubicekballoons.cz

Martin Motykacrew_MM
Phone: +420 545 422 632
Mobile: +420 604 102 559
e-mail: motyka@kubicekballoons.cz

Kamila KolářováKamila Kolářová
Phone: +420 545 422 620
e-mail: info@kubicekballoons.cz 

Service and Spare Parts

For questions concerning balloon maintenance and spare parts Ondřej, our repairman, is the one to talk to.

Ondřej Beneš Ondřej Beneš
Phone: +420 545 422 630
Mobile: +420 731 507 641
E-mail: service@kubicekballoons.cz


If you feel that you have a product that we could be interested in purchasing then Marie Trávníková is your contact:

Marie Trávníková Marie Trávníková
Phone: +420 545 422 625
E-mail: trade@kubicekballoons.cz

Technical Department

For technical questions about our products, balloon performance, flight manuals or any other operational issues, Peter Kubíček will be happy to talk to you.

Marek NeveselyRadim Oravec
Phone: +420 545 422 638
E-mail: technical@kubicekballoons.cz


Marek NeveselýMarek Neveselý
Phone: +420 545 422 635
Mobile: +420 724 263 350
E-mail: nevesely@kubicekballoons.cz 

You ask, we answer:

Lenka KrejčováKamila, assistant
answers whatever you ask


Ivo BrzákIvo, salesman
cares for EU clients


David, salesman
cares for US, Japanese and worldwide customers


Mirek BorkovecMirek, salesman
cares for clients from the Czech Republic and Slovakia


odpovime_martinMartin, salesman
answers business inquiries


Petr KubíčekPetr
coordinates dealers'network


Ondřej BenešOndřej, service & after-sales care
solves maintenance, inspections and complaints


odpovime_radimoRadim, chief-designer

answers technical questions


Marie TrávníkováMarie, trade dept.
accepts offers for material and services


Radim PoláčekRadim, executive director

accepts offers for cooperation and applause of all kind