Burner Options

As with our baskets and envelopes we offer a number of options and acessories for the Ignis.

Variable height frame

Adjustable frame "Vario"

The height of the Ignis burner can be easily adjusted  by incorporating a variable height frame. This frame allows the burner to be raised by up to +10 cm (4 inch) or lowered by 4 cm (1.5 inch) from its standard height. Once positioned the lever is released and the burner’s height is locked in place until you next want to change it. The variable height frame can be used on baskets from the K10 up to the K22. 




Glossy metal heat shield (aka mirror roof)

Mirror roof

Your passengers will love the original pictures that they can take looking up into this mirrored burner shield. This option adds a little weight because we substitute a stainless steel sheet for the normal  aluminum one but hey, what fun!





Heat shield

Heat Shield

An essential fitting for the longer baskets. The heat shield protects the passengers from the burner‘s heat.








Additional burner plate

Additional burner metal plate

This is a smaller heat shield that protects the pilot and passengers standing close to him from the burner‘s heat.


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