Instruments are essential for the safe operation of a balloon.

Flight Instrument

The essential instruments in every aircraft are the altimeter and the variometer and a balloon is no exception. Kubicek Balloons offer Flytec Balloon 4 as the newest product on the market which combines an altimeter, variometer, and a wireless thermometer that shows the temperature at the top of the envelope and the outside air temperature. And it has a wireless transmitter that fits onto the top of the envelope. Each instrument and its associated temperature transmitter has a unique code to prevent interference between balloons with similar systems. Flytec Balloon 4 is a continuation of very popular Flytec 3040 and we think it is the best solution for everyone who was used to fly with it.

Flytec Balloon 4 characterization:

  • High precision for position and pressure measurement
  • The long battery life of about 25 hours with a full charge
  • Very easy to use
  • Very good sunlight readability
  • Robust and reliable

Flytec Balloon 4 functionality:

  • Altitude (in m, ft, FL)
  • QNH
  • Climb/sink rate: graphic, numeric, configurable audio for both directions
  • Ground speed ("GPS speed")
  • Course, on the compass and in degree
  • Distance / direction to launch
  • Envelope temperature from Flytec Balloon TT34
  • Flight recording in Google Earth format, with key maximum/minimum values
  • Rechargeable batteries (can be substituted with regular AA batteries if you forgot to charge)

 Flytec 4


GPS and Laptops

GPSs either as a free-standing instrument or coupled into a laptop or tablet are increasingly popular. These are optional and not essential equipment and are not because they are updated so frequently, stocked by Kubicek Balloons. However, we and our dealers use them all the time and we are very willing to share our experience with you.

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