Kubicek Fuel Cylinders

Fuel Cylinders

Kubicek factory offers three of the most asked sizes of the fuel tanks - 95 litres, 83 litres and 70 litres. To be more precise, a little bit more! The unrivalled advantage of the Kubicek fuel tanks is the bigger usable capacity at the same size of the tanks. The technical indications are KB97L, KB85L and KB72L, but they are easy to order as King Size, Prince Size or Queen Size. Please, note the other features:

  • It is certified for a maximum propane level of 85% instead of the common 80% and tested up to the burst pressure of more than 89,5 bar
  • Offered as Standard or Master
  • The best ergonomics on the market
  • Fuel gauge with coloured scale – the pilot can easily recognise the fuel level
  • Quick-stop valves as standard at no extra cost
  • UN and ADR approved propane, propane-butane mix (LPG) and pure butane
  • Approved up to 15 bar
  • Duplex stainless steel
  • Extra safety level due to robot welding
  • The best price on the market

King Size - the biggest fuel tank on the market

  • The capacity of the fuel tank is unrivalled at 41 kg

Prince Size - maximum volume fit for standard height open baskets

  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 36 kg

Queen Size

  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 31 kg



  100% Water Capacity Fuel Volume Fuel Weight Empty Weight Total Weight Height
l gal l gal kg lb kg lb kg lb mm in
King Size 97 25,6 82.5 21,8 41 90 24 53 65 143 1137 44,8
Prince Size 85 22,5 72 19 36 79,5 22 48,5 58 128 1020 40,2
Queen Size 72 19,0 61,2 16,2 31 66 20 44 51 110 890 35


Tank_detail   King_Size_detail2

Fuel Cylinders Schroeder VA50

For those of you, who prefers smaller stainless steel cylinders, you can asked fuel cylinders made by the well-known german company Schroeder.

  • The capacity is 20 kg of fuel (44.1 lbs)
  • Designed as Master and Standard
  • The connectors Rego or Tema

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