Open Baskets

K17A basket

Open baskets are the normal option for small and mid size envelopes. The pilot and passenegers stand together in one compartment. These baskets are built in sizes ranging from solo to 6 people (pilot + 5), the maximum number that can legally be carried in an open basket or a single partition in a larger balloon. If more than 6 people are to fly in a basket then it has to be partitioned.

Baskets is designed so that the pilot’s equipment is located on the right side of the basket (when inflating) and the maneuvering lines come from the envelope on this side. Most open baskets can fit 4 fuel cylinders. Our largest open basket, the K22, can fit in 6 or  8 fuel cylinders. All our open baskets are designed to take the Queen size cylinders, however it is possible to build a basket higher so that it can accommodate the King size cylinders.

The standard basket equipment is listed on this page. And the range of baskets options can be found here.


Floor Design

All our baskets have floors made from marine plywood except for the light-weight K13S and K10S baskets that have a composite floors.

The bottom part is formed by a steel frame, which is part of the basket’s skeleton. The edge is covered by white hide. This design is traditional among many balloon manufacturers and it works well. We use it for baskets K13, K17, K22, and for all compartmented baskets.

Dimensions and weights:

Type Optimal # of Passengers Suggested Envelope Size [m3 / cuft] Dimensions [m]* Standard Cylinder Size** Height of Burner Handle above Floor Bottom Edge
K13 Pilot + 2 2,600 / 90,000 1.25 x 1.16 Prince 1.86 Right-angled
K14 Pilot + 3 2,600/90,000 1.35 x 1.16 Prince 1,88 Right-angled
K17 Pilot + 3 to 4 3,000 / 105,000 1.45 x 1.16 Prince 1.86 Right-angled


Pilot + 4 3,400 / 120,000
3,700 / 130,000
1.55 x 1.16 Prince 1.88 Right-angled


Pilot + 4 3,700 / 130,000
4,200 / 150,000
1.62 x 1.16 Prince 1.88 Right-angled
K22 Pilot + 5 4,000 / 140,000
4,200 / 150,000
1.80 x 1.25 Prince 1.86 Right-angled
K23 Pilot + 5 4,000 / 140,000
4,200 / 150,000
1.80 x 1.25 Prince 2 Right-angled

* This is the exact dimension of the bottom outer part of a basket. For loading the basket into a vehicle we recommend to add 8 - 10 cm (3 - 4 inch) for handles and 15 - 20 cm (6 - 8 inch) for top padding.
** Baskets designed to fit  the Prince size cylinders can be on request built to accommodate the King size cylinders.

Suitable certified combinations of baskets, burners, and envelopes are listed in this table.

For old basket types see this link.


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