Y/T Baskets

Both Y and T types have 3 compartments, one for the pilot and fuel and two passenger compartments, each for between 3 and 6 passengers. The pilot‘s compartment in a Y type is designed to take up to 6 fuel cylinders and the T up to 5. The overall capacity is then pilot + 6, 8, 10, or 12 passengers. There is the option to have an extra crew person or passenger in the pilot compartment, however, if this extra person is carried then the number of fuel cylinders must be reduced in accordance with the Flight Manual.

K50T basketK50Y basket

Baskets are built as standard to fit the Queen fuel cylinders, however on request the height of a basket can be built to fit the King the size tanks.

Standard basket equipment is shown on this page, with an list of possible options.

Dimensions and Weights

Type Layout Optimal # of Passengers Suggested Envelope Size [m3 / cuft] Dimensions [m]* Standard Cylinder Size** Height of Burner Handle above Floor [m]
K28T T Pilot + 6 to 7 4,500 / 160,000 2.20 x 1.60 Prince 2.00
K28Y Y Pilot + 6 to 7 4,500 / 160,000 2.20 x 1.60 Prince 2.00
K32T T Pilot + 8 5,100 / 180,000 2.40 x 1.60 Prince 2.00
K32Y Y Pilot + 8 5,100 / 180,000 2.40 x 1.60 Prince 2.00
K40T T Pilot + 8 to 10 6,000 / 210,000 2.70 x 1.60 Prince 2.00
K40Y Y Pilot + 8 to 10 6,000 / 210,000 2.70 x 1.60 Prince 2.00
K50T T Pilot + 10 to 12 7,000 / 250,000 3.00 x 1.60 Prince 2.00
K50Y Y Pilot + 10 to 12 7,000 / 250,000 3.00 x 1.60 Prince 2.00

* This is the exact dimension of the bottom outer part of a basket. For loading the basket into a vehicle we recommend to add 8 - 10 cm (3 - 4 inch) for handles and 15 - 20 cm (6 - 8 inch) for top padding.
** Baskets designed to fit the Prince size cylinders can be on request built to accommodate the King size cylinders.

Suitable certified combinations of baskets, burners, and envelopes are listed in this table.

Y or T basket?

This depends on how you intend using your balloon. T baskets are more suitable for flights of 1 - 2 hours duration, because there is more space for the passengers. The passenger compartments do not narrow at the end closest to the pilot as they do in a Y basket. It is also easier to fit doors into a T basket.

For longer flights, e.g. Alpine crossings and adventure flying, when more fuel is required, the Y type is a good choice. The number of passengers can be reduced and two fuel cylinders can be secured in each passenger compartment along with an oxygen cylinder. Flights with an extra person in the pilot’s compartment are inadvisable in Y baskets.

This picture may give you a better idea of the choices and help you make a decision.

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