TT Baskets

K60TT basket

This type has a pilot’s compartment and 4 passenger compartments, each accommodating 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 passengers. The pilot’s compartment is designed for the pilot plus 6 fuel cylinders. The overall capacity is then pilot plus 8, 12, 16, 20, or 24 passengers. There is an option to have an extra crew person or passenger in the pilot compartment, however, the number of fuel cylinders would have to be reduced in accordance with the Flight Manual.

The inner height of the K32TT and K50TT can be increased to accommodate the King size  fuel cylinders. In baskets larger than the K50TT the height dimensions fit the King size cylinders. The K85TT basket’s width can be extended by adding 30 cm (12 inch) to the pilot’s compartment. This extension increases the space for fuel cylinders to 8.

Standard basket equipment is shown on this page, with an list of possible options.

Dimensions and weights

Type Optimal # of Passengers Suggested Envelope Size [m3 / cuft] Dimensions [m]* Standard Cylinder Size** Height of Burner Handle above Floor [m]
K32TT Pilot + 8 5,100 / 180,000 2.50 x 1.60 Prince 1.88
K50TT Pilot + 12 7,000 / 250,000 3.00 x 1.60 Prince 1.88
K50TT8 Pilot + 12 7,000 / 250,000 3.00 x 1.60 King 1.88
K60TT Pilot + 12 to 16 8,500 / 300,000 3.80 x 1.60 King 1.88
K70TT Pilot + 16 to 20 10,000 / 350,000 4.40 x 1.60 King 1.88
K80TT Pilot + 20 to 24 12,000 / 425,000 4.80 x 1.60 King 1.88
K85TT Pilot + 24 14,200 / 500,000 5.20 x 1.60 King 1.88

* This is the exact dimension of the bottom outer part of a basket. For loading the basket into a vehicle we recommend to add 8 - 10 cm (3 - 4 inch) for handles and 15 - 20 cm (6 - 8 inch) for top padding.
** Baskets designed to fit the Prince size cylinders can be on request built to accommodate the King size cylinders.


Suitable certified combinations of baskets, burners, and envelopes are listed in this table.

T or TT Basket?

If you plan to fly with 8 - 12 passengers, then you can choose between a T/Y or TT basket. TT baskets can offer more comfort for passengers, more space, and a better view, however, the following disadvantages should be considered.

  • TT basket is heavier than T/Y.
  • The pilot can only see over the front and back sides of the basket (in a T/Y the pilot can also see over one end of the basket).
  • The pilot has to communicate in two directions.
  • Passengers are more protected from the heat of the burners.

Difference between K50TT and K50TT8

Both these basket types have the same dimensions and compartment layout. The only difference is the number of up-rights carrying the burner. The K50TT has 4, while the K50TT8 has 8. The 8 pole option is required if doors are to be fitted and in all cases it gives more rigidity to the basket. In the K50TT8 the fuel hoses go straight to the pilot’s compartment and do not pass through the passenger compartments. Both these basket types can be designed to take 40 kg cylinders. The disadvantage of the K50TT8 is increased weight.

K50TT4 basketK50TT8 basket

Difference between K80TT and K85TT

Both these baskets are designed for 24 passengers and their construction is very similar. They only differ in their length. The length of the basket determines the number of passengers - the K80TT takes a maximum of 24 passengers. The K85TT has an optimal load of 24 passengers. So if you are planning to fly 24 or more passengers then the K85TT is the right choice.

Why is there no YY basket offered?

We sometimes receive inquiry for a YY basket. Even though we are always trying to satisfy our clients, this is a request we try to talk them out of. Here are a number of reasons:

  • The pilot’s view from the basket is much reduced.
  • Fuel hoses have to travel a long way through the passenger compartments.
  • In the pilot’s compartment there is only space for the pilot.
  • Basket doors can not be fitted.
  • The price is higher because extra, non-standard, EASA certification is required.
  • It is more difficult to load and unload fuel cylinders.
  • There are no step holes for the pilot. 

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