Model D

Obal D

Since ballooning began in Europe we have been restricted by cost to horizontal or vertical cut panels in our balloons. Now it has all changed with the introduction of a whole range of D type envelopes. D stands for DIAGONAL and this is exactly how the panels are cut. Now the choice of colour schemes for your new envelope has been expanded enormously.

D-type envelopes are hard to miss thanks to its unusual design. Panels are cut at 45°, creating the appearance that conventional balloons can achieve with difficulties and at great cost only. This cut has a long tradition in the USA, but gradually gaining its position in other destinations. Different orientation panels can then create variety of envelope designs - "spiral", "roof", "semi-spiral" and others - you can see more in the gallery.

D series envelope sizes are identical to Z series models up to the size of 4 000 cubic meters, have identical technical parameters, the same combinations with baskets and burners applies to them.

Model overview

Type Volume [m3] Volume [cuft] # of Gores Optimal # of Passengers Typical weight [kg] Graphic sheet
BB22D 2 200 77 24 pilot + 1 to 2 95 PDF [1430 kB]
BB26D 2 600 90 24 pilot + 2 110 PDF [1424 kB]
BB30D 3 000 105 24 pilot + 3 120 PDF [1434 kB]
BB34D 3 400 120 24 pilot + 4 140 PDF [1500 kB]
BB37D 3 700 130 24 pilot + 5 145 -
BB40D 3 990 140 24 pilot + 5 to 6 150 PDF [1400 kB]

Suitable and certified combinations with baskets and burners are to be found in this table

Standard equipment:

  • Full size nomex mouth - first envelope panel
  • Full nomex scoop
  • Envelope transportation bag
  • Spare fabric
  • Parachute
  • Nomex covered control lines
  • Rotation vent (for sizes 3,700 m3 / 130,000 cuft of vol. and over)
  • Slide vent (for sizes 3,700 m3 / 130,000 cuft of vol. and over)
  • Crown line
  • Registration marks
  • 4 Stubai karabiners
  • Melting link

The envelope is by default made of Kubicek Polyester fabric.

Additional envelope equipment

Feel free to find all the specified additional equipment here.

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