Model P

P series envelope

P for Passengers - simple as that! Newly curved-gore design comes with 28 and more gores in total. The "tiniest" to be produced of this type is 12,000 m3 / 425,000 cu ft.

P Type simply includes all envelopes of the large balloon sizes, specifically designed for passenger businesses. Particularly designed side curve of the envelope underlines passenger flying criteria. Rounded top of the envelope makes it easier to ascend as well as vent the huge amount of hot air from the inside after landing. The mouth of the balloon is elliptically shaped to go in hand with the wide size of the basket and the burner frame. 

At the same time, with P Type envelopes go along all advantages of Z Type in relation to the horizontally cut panels - easy maintenance and selecting any graphics.

This makes your decision about choosing a type for your ride company pretty clear, doesn't it?

Model overview

Type Volume [m3] Volume [cuft] # of Gores Optimal # of Passengers Typical weight [kg] Graphic sheet
BB105P 10,500 370,000 28 pilot + 20 320 PDF [182 kB]
BB106P 10,600 375,000 28 pilot + 20 320 PDF [3 829 kB]
BB113P 11,300 400,000 28 pilot + 20 350 PDF [3 7559 kB] 
BB120P 12,000 425,000 28 pilot + 20 to 24 350 PDF [285 kB]
BB130P 13,000 460,000 28 pilot + 24 400 PDF [2575 kB]
BB142P 14,200 500,000 32 pilot + 24 to 28 450 PDF [125 kB]

Suitable and certified combinations with baskets and burners are to be found in this table.

Standard equipment:

  • Full size nomex mouth - first envelope panel
  • Full nomex scoop
  • Top 3 panels made of Hyperlast fabric
  • Strengthened envelope transportation bag
  • Spare fabric
  • Nomex braided control lines
  • Rotation vent
  • Slide vent
  • Slide vent panel made of Hyperlast fabric
  • Crown line (2 pieces)
  • Registration marks
  • 8 Stubai karabiners
  • Melting link

The envelope is by default made of Kubicek Polyester fabric.

Additional envelope equipment

Feel free to find all the specified additional equipment here.

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