Model E

Why E? The E could stand either for EASY (suitable for beginner pilots) or EFFICIENT (low operating costs).

E series envelope

Let us explain why. The E Type was designed for maximum efficiency, which becomes evident in its very low weight and unbeatable price. Due to its spherical shape, the whole system is very solid and stable while aloft and makes the piloting extremely easy. That is why we recommend this type to the new members of our ballooning family.

The shape of the E Type is rather determined for simple graphics.

Model overview

Type Volume [m3] Volume [cuft] # of Gores Optimal # of Passengers Typical weight [kg] Graphic sheet
BB9E 900 31,000 8 pilot 35 PDF [44 kB]
BB12E 1,200 42,000 8 pilot 55 PDF [47 kB]
BB16E 1,600 56,000 8 pilot 65 PDF [46 kB]
BB18E 1,800 64,000 12 pilot + 1 75 PDF [49 kB]
BB20E 2,000 70,000 12 pilot + 1 85 PDF [188 kB]
BB22E 2,200 77,000 12 pilot + 1 to 2 95 PDF [368 kB]
BB26E 2,600 90,000 12 pilot + 2 100 PDF [596 kB]
BB30E 3,000 105,000 12 pilot + 3 115  PDF [51 kB]
BB34E 3,400 120,000 12 pilot + 4 128  PDF [52 kB]

Suitable and certified combinations with baskets and burners are to be found in this table.

Standard equipment:

  • Full size nomex mouth - first envelope panel
  • Full nomex scoop
  • Envelope transportation bag
  • Spare fabric
  • Nomex braided control lines
  • Crown line
  • Parachute
  • Registration marks
  • 4 Stubai karabiners
  • Melting link

The envelope is by default made of Kubicek Polyester fabric.

Additional envelope equipment

Feel free to find all the specified additional equipment here.

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